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Improving Optimizely's Google Tag Manager integration

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Adding Optimizely data to Google Analytics has a few benefits. First of all, you can verify Optimizely's results in GA, which is always a good thing. By segmenting Optimizely-tested users in analytics, you also open up a world of extra reports, metrics and visualisations, that you won't find in Optimizely. You won't have to create goals for each funnelstep anymore, »

How to improve Visual Website Optimizer's Google Tag Manager integration

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If you're running Google Tag Manager on your site, and use Visual Website Optimizer for A/B Testing, you've probably noticed that VWO's standard GTM integration is slightly lacking. While the integration suggested by VWO does work, you're left with a lot of manual work, as you have to add or change tags for every new test. The issue The »