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Pragmatic approach to get Disqus comment notifications in Slack

We use the awesome Disqus platform to enable comments on the posts on The Marketing Technologist. The only downside is that - because I've created the Disqus account with my email address - the only one getting notifications when someone writes a comment on an article, is me. Until recently, I forwarded the emails to the author of the post »

How to write a basic viewability tracker

Although viewability is not always a guarantee for success, it's a hot topic in the land of online marketing. We do not only track viewability in our display campaigns to optimise the exposure time of our campaigns, but we also use viewability to see how visitors are using our client's website and apply personalisation based on that data. Also, the »

How to start a WhatsApp conversation directly from the web

Did you know you can send a WhatsApp message directly from a web page? You might have already seen this elsewhere because AddThis also offers it in their well-known and well-spread sharing tools. As an online marketing agency, we can also leverage the power of WhatsApp by integrating it in our campaigns. We could, for example, create a button that »


Passing data to and from a nested component in Angular 2

Angular decided to drop the '@', '&' and '=' in version 2.0. If you don't know what they do: good for you! To me, the @&= concept was among Angular 1's worst choices. Luckily, in Angular 2 the communication between components is a lot more explicit and easier to understand. In this post I'd like »

How and why to test your product's performance on a slow internet connection

Most of the time, we're blessed with a fast 4G, WiFi or wired internet connection, and everything is just fine. But how do our tools perform when the internet connection is not that great? Some time ago, a client sent me a screenshot of one of their creatives looking terribly broken in a live environment. How could this happen? We »