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The Facebook Pixel: from true love to Trojan horse?

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Last week Facebook informed their advertisers about an enhancement to the Facebook pixel. According to the Social Media giant they will start to ‘send additional event data, including button clicks and related page metadata’ in order to ‘improve ads delivery and reporting’. It is obvious that this is yet another approach of Facebook to enlarge, their already massive, database of »

Facebook marketing: 5 insights you can get out of the new Audience Overlap-tool

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Recently, my heart started beating faster. While I was uploading a new CRM file in Facebook for a customer, I discovered a new feature: Audience Overlap. With this tool you can differentiate target audiences / segments (you name it) and discover their similarities. I didn't have a use case that would benefit from this at first, but I had the feeling »

Instagram: get more out of your carousel ads with this simple trick [case]

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October 1st last year was a day for celebration for Facebook. After trial runs in a couple of countries, Instagram finally became a medium for advertisements. In the Netherlands, Hellman's (a Unilever brand) was the first one to use it. Another Instagram advertising pioneer was Heineken. Although there was some negativity about the user experience of Instagram ads in the »