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Superweek 2019: translators and traitors

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It’s funny how one week in Hungary can give you an overview of the current state of the digital analytics industry. For me, this year’s talks fell into two main categories: cool stuff you can do with data and taking care of our fundamentals. And just as last year, I left with a clear idea on what I »

Finding Glowie's voice: 8 learnings about creating voice-bot dialogue

Glowie is a voice-bot and was part of the annual international light art festival GLOW in Eindhoven. What have we learned from this unique project? I'll share with you 8 learnings about creating voice-bot dialogue. »

Monitor your website's data layer with Slack

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Data layers are at the foundation of modern-day analytics. Therefore, it's important to monitor the data layer values. You can do so with Slack. »

Reduce the impact of marketing tags on page load

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Recently, a client asked us to remove all marketing tags for the sake of decreasing page load times. You can imagine that removing all marketing tags can hamper an online marketing strategy severely. Therefore, we went and looked for a solution that would still allow us to use marketing tags, but to be less of a burden on page load »

Superweek 2018: take time to hang out with your data

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Last week, I attended my very first Superweek. I now know that this is the best analytics event I ever attended. It's impossible to capture the event in a single post, as it is a single track, 38-talk event, with food and drinks on the side. So instead, I'll focus the main message that I took home from the event. »