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Getting started with Sequential Messaging: the 4 main stages

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Not all the visitors coming to your website are ready to convert. Each user will pass through a process before they have the intention to purchase a certain product or service. At Blue Mango we call such process "the customer journey". The journey is unique for every user and consumer. It can be more or less complex depending »

3 conversion rate optimisation trends for 2015

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At Blue Mango Interactive we are constantly focusing on optimizing the campaign of our clients, in particular Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) department is working on content and UX optimization. The CRO department is focusing on increasing the conversion rate of brand's media, their website and several touch points through the whole customer journey. Conversion rate optimization is focused on increasing »

In the heat of the moment: Integrating Mouseflow with Visual Website Optimizer

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As Conversion Specialists at Blue Mango, we don’t like to rely on our gut feeling. That’s why we tests as much as we can. The success of these tests is often due to looking at more than the quantitative data only. The ‘why’ of A/B-testing Inspiration doesn’t just fall from the sky. Before we start testing »

We be clickin ’n tappin: adjusting a CTA based on device capabilities

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I’m a firm believer in the power of the 'Click here’ call-to-action (or CTA). It’s probably the simplest, most direct way of getting a user to perform an action in a banner. Although a lot of findings suggest the expression to be too generic, data shows time and time again that when used in the right setting, ‘Click »

Monitor your A/B tests with Optimizely and Pingdom

Here at Blue Mango we're pretty serious about improving the performance of our products and the products of our clients. It's in our DNA. Because of this, it should not be a big suprise that we continuously run A/B and multivariate tests. We turn out to be pretty good at it as well. Our tests kept breaking When A/ »