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Monitor your website's data layer with Slack

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Data layers are at the foundation of modern-day analytics. Therefore, it's important to monitor the data layer values. You can do so with Slack. »

Read data from an Angular app from outside

Although data layers are becoming more and more mainstream, quite often we still run into sites that do not have any kind of data layer available, forcing us to execute some funky tricks to get to the data we need for our web analytics and DCO projects. And these funky tricks are pretty fun to perform, actually. Recently I had »

Other tag managers on the block: Qubit Opentag

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At Greenhouse Group, we’ve been working with tag manager for over 3.5 years now. Over the last part of that period, a lot of articles popped up about Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google’s solution to tag management. It’s a great option, but there are some other vendors out there that also offer great tag management systems »

The CEDDL: a data layer standard that never was?

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About a month ago, my friend and colleague Siebe introduced me to a document called the Customer Experience Digital Data Layer standard, or CEDDL for short. It’s a standard for data layers that describes how onsite data can be structured in a JavaScript object. It was created at the end of 2013 as a uniform way to define a »