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Facebook marketing: 5 insights you can get out of the new Audience Overlap-tool

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Recently, my heart started beating faster. While I was uploading a new CRM file in Facebook for a customer, I discovered a new feature: Audience Overlap. With this tool you can differentiate target audiences / segments (you name it) and discover their similarities. I didn't have a use case that would benefit from this at first, but I had the feeling »

Everything you need to know about the new Facebook Video Insights

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They have been announced by Facebook a while ago but have now finally been rolled out to EMEA markets as well: the new Facebook Video Insights. Big deal right? Actually, yes! Why? Because we can finally get more elaborate insights into the performance of our Facebook video content! Below you can find a screenshot of what the metrics used to »

Send users to your site after clicking on an animated GIF on Facebook

In 2015, Facebook begun supporting animated GIF images. An animated GIF is a graphic image that moves in a loop. Animated GIFs are commonly used by websites like Imgur, Twitter, Reddit and BuzzFeed. Businesses can use the power of animated GIFs to get people's attention. Posting one on Facebook is easy: just post the URL of the GIF into the »

Instagram: get more out of your carousel ads with this simple trick [case]

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October 1st last year was a day for celebration for Facebook. After trial runs in a couple of countries, Instagram finally became a medium for advertisements. In the Netherlands, Hellman's (a Unilever brand) was the first one to use it. Another Instagram advertising pioneer was Heineken. Although there was some negativity about the user experience of Instagram ads in the »

Five insights on display campaigns from Facebook’s Atlas

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When Facebook acquired adserver Atlas from Microsoft in 2013, I was a bit surprised. Now I see it was a brilliant move. By connecting to Facebook's userbase, Atlas gives a lot of interesting insights in display campaigns. Although Facebook had to change quite a lot to accomplish this result. Here are the most interesting insights from Facebook Atlas: 1. Unique »