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No click? Still results!

Author image No click? Still results!

What's the true value of an online ad impression? It's an ongoing discussion which continues to pop up. Everyone agrees the last click model undervalues campaigns that fulfill an important role in the start of the buying cycle. Not every ad has to lead to a sale instantly. Most other common conversion attribution models only observe what happens after a »

Five insights on display campaigns from Facebook’s Atlas

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When Facebook acquired adserver Atlas from Microsoft in 2013, I was a bit surprised. Now I see it was a brilliant move. By connecting to Facebook's userbase, Atlas gives a lot of interesting insights in display campaigns. Although Facebook had to change quite a lot to accomplish this result. Here are the most interesting insights from Facebook Atlas: 1. Unique »

Higher conversion rates with a shopping cart abandonment program

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Many online marketeers will recognise this problem: despite filling up their digital shopping cart, more than half of customers leave without making it through checkout. Besides remarketing with search and display advertising, a so called Abandoned Shopping Cart (ASC) email program can persuade a portion of those visitors to return to your webshop and finish their order. Last year, Vodafone »

Masterclass mobile? Practise what you preach!

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This post has been previously published on Marketingfacts. Last week I saw a TV commercial about a master class Mobile Marketing by business university Nyenrode and RTL Z, one of the biggest Dutch TV channels. In the commercial, a lady looked me straight in the eye and asked: "Do you want to know what kind of results online and mobile »