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Getting started with the Google Analytics Reporting API in Python

Author image Getting started with the Google Analytics Reporting API in Python

In the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast on R and Python, they mentioned that Python has quite a steep learning curve compared to R, for example when using the Google Analytics reporting API. During my day-to-day activities, I've been using the reporting API in Python, but I've always had help setting things up. This is why I decided to start »

Read data from an Angular app from outside

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Although data layers are becoming more and more mainstream, quite often we still run into sites that do not have any kind of data layer available, forcing us to execute some funky tricks to get to the data we need for our web analytics and DCO projects. And these funky tricks are pretty fun to perform, actually. Recently I had »

Marketing tags: how do they work?

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Marketing tags allow us to automatically optimise our ads and change ad content. We often brief them to our clients, or tag management partners. But did you ever stop to think how they work? No stress, we’re here to help. Two types of tags Marketing tags generally come in two flavours: 1 Conversion tags The first group of tags »

Measuring scroll depth on pages with infinite scroll

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Today we got an interesting question from one of our clients: how would you measure scroll depth on an endless page? In true The Marketing Technologist fashion, we love to share our thoughts. The problem With scroll depth measurement you track how far a user scrolls down on a page. The results are often reported for a set percentage of »

Working with Creative Macros in AppNexus hosted creatives

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As a creative developer, one of the best features of AppNexus is their huge number of creative macros. We use those macros for quite some purposes, like reading query string parameters, reading user context information like state and device type and to do some advanced click tag magic. Their creative macros look something like this: ${MACRO_NAME}, and as a »

Google Analytics hit scope custom dimensions and metrics

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Google has given us a great analytics tool with Google Analytics. But sometimes you have to connect information from different parts of their documentations to find a solution. Tracking a hit scope custom dimension or metric is an example of this. In this post, I'll connect the dots for you, so you don't have to. The Google documentation Let's start »