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Ensure quality & performance on a larger scale

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Today's paid search accounts are often very big, containing hundreds of keywords. In order to optimize these accounts, search specialists have to carry out many repeating, time-consuming tasks that get boring after a while. With all these repetitive tasks, it is becoming more challenging for search specialists to reserve time for strategic thinking. An example of a repetitive and time-consuming »

Finding Glowie's voice: 8 learnings about creating voice-bot dialogue

Glowie is a voice-bot and was part of the annual international light art festival GLOW in Eindhoven. What have we learned from this unique project? I'll share with you 8 learnings about creating voice-bot dialogue. »

The Genie in the Bottle: How to Tame AI? Part 2

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How do we prevent AI-pocalypse? This post gives my thoughts about the current challenge in democratizing AI and a possible technical direction to achieve this. »

Automating routine with a hackathon

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In today's hectic world, it's valuable to look at your daily routine and see what can be automated. As our days get filled with tasks in the blink of an eye, it can be hard to take time off for automation. Besides that, I've heard the term hackathon quite a lot over the past few years and thought it might »

Making Work A Work-Out: AR At The Office

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On the commute to work – you’re on your phone, in an uncomfortable subway seat. At the office – at least two monitors, and a chair that’s set up ergonomically… at least until your co-worker borrows it. Back home – in front of the TV, on the sofa after a long day at work. We go from screen to screen, from »