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Export preview urls in Optimizely without starting a test

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Today I discoverd that it's possible to export preview urls in Optimizely without even starting the test! You can do this by following these 3 steps: 1. Open a test in Optimizely That should be easy, you can do it! 2. Open the preview 3. Change the url When the preview link opens copy the url and change the optimizely_ »

Transforming an online marketing agency talk at Nextbuild: the slides

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This afternoon I did a talk on how we used cutting edge technology and the right mindset to transform an online marketing agency at software dev conference Nextbuild in Eindhoven. Check the slides here. We will soon tell you a lot more about this subject in an upcoming post. Stay tuned! A big thanks to those who attended my session »

Using String.fromCharCode when encoding gets out of control

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While character encoding and character sets are pretty easy to understand, it used to be pretty tough back in the old days. Luckily modern browsers handle encoding pretty well, and we can even state that when you are using UTF-8 in your document and in your database, nothing can go wrong really. But the shit really hits the fan when »