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GHG Labs: "The web loyalty system is ready to bring change to digital marketing"

As some of you might remember, two months ago we introduced you to the first worldwide web loyalty system, which was created to deal with the users’ rejection of digitals ads that are seen by them as irrelevant. In the meantime, we named it Ad-Wallet and managed to finalize our prototype. What was left to do One of the aspects »

A GHG Labs concept: The first worldwide web loyalty system

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AdBlock. The very word sends chills down the spine of the whole digital advertising world. Yet for many consumers, it's the hero they desperately need. To them, obtrusive digital ads have become a constant annoyance during their regular online activities. Although several ads are actually helpful or entertaining, there are just as many that are too long to watch, too »

Our first insights in the ad-blocking consumer

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The use of ad-blockers is growing fast, as consumers are getting tired of irrelevant and annoying advertisements. According to Adobe and PageFair, 181 million online consumers use an ad-blocker and 41,4 billion dollars of income is being missed out by online publishers due to the use of ad-blockers. As these numbers are general, it is interesting to investigate if »