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The Genie in the Bottle: How to Tame AI? Part 2

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How do we prevent AI-pocalypse? This post gives my thoughts about the current challenge in democratizing AI and a possible technical direction to achieve this. »

AI meets graphic design

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Over the last decade, the transition from TV towards digital has caused the advertising market to shift from offline to online as well. Retailers are required to follow this trend along with the consumer in order to catch – and keep – their attention. This means designing extra content, like banners, to be placed on websites and social media so that potential »

The Genie in the Bottle: How to Tame AI?

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While we're seeing some great progress in AI, there is increasing concern about the danger of it by people like Stephen Hawking. This 'possible existential threat to humanity' is the reason why people like Elon Musk and Sam Altman started OpenAI. The authority on the threat of AI is Nick Bostrom, Oxford professor, director of Future of Humanity Institute and »