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Select a Google Analytics dimension with a JavaScript bookmark

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I'm a big fan of JavaScript bookmarks. I use them to automate basic 'if this then that' logic in my browser. Overcoming annoyances in an interface is one of them. In this post, I'll show you how to set up a bookmark to automate dimension selection in the Google Analytics interface. The issue: selecting the page dimension In this example, »

One JavaScript bookmark to make checking tags easier

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Last Friday, my friend and colleague Bart Persoons and I got a request to do a double-check on some pixels. While checking, we thought of a solution that would let less technical people do a double-check by themselves more easily. The result? A JavaScript bookmark. Why do we need this? As a web analyst with a technical background, I’m »

Live Optimizely Variant Switcher

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Viewing the variations of your test on a live site can be a drag. Normally, you'll have to force your testing tool of choice to show you a specifiek variation. With Optimizely, you basically have three options: Preview variations in Optimizely Force 100% of the traffic to one variation Manually set up a URL parameter based on the experiment ID »