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Superweek 2019: translators and traitors

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It’s funny how one week in Hungary can give you an overview of the current state of the digital analytics industry. For me, this year’s talks fell into two main categories: cool stuff you can do with data and taking care of our fundamentals. And just as last year, I left with a clear idea on what I »

7 things I’ve learned by attending the 2015 Data Visualisation Summit in London

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This week, I attended the Data Visualisation Summit in London. This post contains my 7 key takeaways from the presentations I attended. For those of you looking for a quick snack, here’s the list: Don’t forget where your data comes from How web design is a form of data visualisation Automate routine (with Nightingale) There is no BI »

Xebicon Amsterdam 2015: our notes (1/2)

8 tracks ranging from Microservices, Datacenter Automation, Test Automation, Internet of Things, Big Data, Continuous Delivery, Agile to Software Development; Xebicon 2015 took place in the Westergastfabriek in Amsterdam last week. Whole day long you could participate in Handson labs on Go, Docker and the Internet of Things! We went there with a couple of collegues and we would like »