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Using utm_nooverride in Universal Analytics

Author image Using utm_nooverride in Universal Analytics

Since the upgrade from classic analytics to universal analytics there is one functionality that's been missing; the option to not override the previous source in Google Analytics. For most of the traffic this is ok, but when looking at service emails like password resets, you don't want them to steal conversions away from the original sources. With the utm_nooverride »

A lean approach to better recruitment insights

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Our HR department has struggled with the insights of their marketing efforts. They know how many people apply for a job, but they don’t see the actual numbers of people that get invited for a first chat or even get the actual job. To give them the insights in Google Analytics, we’ve put our heads together and were »

About the Google Analytics client ID

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One of the core concepts of Google Analytics is the client ID. You can leverage its workings to get interesting insights, e.g. connecting offline revenue connected to online campaign sources. But it’s important to understand what it is. That’s what this post is for, to give you a better understanding of what it is by discussing three »

Google Analytics' new event metrics explained

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As of today, Google has added two new event metrics to Google Analytics: Unique Events (New) and Unique Dimension Combinations. If you still use the old metric, you'll get a message telling you that it will be dropped: Unique Events are deprecated warning in Google Analytics. Let’s see how the two new metrics work. Update 13/09/2016: it »

Overcoming cross-device challenges with Google Analytics' client ID

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Google Analytics has a powerful way of measuring cross-device behaviour. Adding a user ID to your data collection gives you access to reports like device overlap, device paths and device attribution. But it has some limits. In this post, I’ll dive into those limits and discuss ways to overcome those limits. How Google Analytics measures Cross Device Google allows »

How to create a random data view in Google Analytics

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If you're a web analyst, and you’re really proud of a analytics solution or report, you might want to share that solution with others. The hard part is that the company, agency or startup you're working for often doesn’t want you to share the data publicly. And if they do, they'll require you to randomise the data. What »