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How to write a basic viewability tracker

Although viewability is not always a guarantee for success, it's a hot topic in the land of online marketing. We do not only track viewability in our display campaigns to optimise the exposure time of our campaigns, but we also use viewability to see how visitors are using our client's website and apply personalisation based on that data. Also, the »

Tech revolution vs Human Evolution - a call for smarter marketing

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It’s been about a year now since the 50th birthday of Moore’s Law. For the ones who don’t know him, let me start with a short description of Moore and his Law. Gordon Moore is one of the founders of Intel. In 1965 Moore wrote an article in Electronics Magazine in which he predicted that in the »

3D print marketing and best practices

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3D printing is the process in which a 3D object is created from a digital file. This is also known as an additive process. In this process, an object is manufactured by laying down successive layers of material until an object is created. Since 3D printing started booming in 2012, it became clear that it would not be long before »

Transforming an online marketing agency talk at Nextbuild: the slides

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This afternoon I did a talk on how we used cutting edge technology and the right mindset to transform an online marketing agency at software dev conference Nextbuild in Eindhoven. Check the slides here. We will soon tell you a lot more about this subject in an upcoming post. Stay tuned! A big thanks to those who attended my session »

Higher conversion rates with a shopping cart abandonment program

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Many online marketeers will recognise this problem: despite filling up their digital shopping cart, more than half of customers leave without making it through checkout. Besides remarketing with search and display advertising, a so called Abandoned Shopping Cart (ASC) email program can persuade a portion of those visitors to return to your webshop and finish their order. Last year, Vodafone »