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The history and future of ad viewability tech

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Viewability and its companion exposure time are becoming more and more default metrics and measurements for online media campaigns. But ever since, I've heard quite some times that the measurement of viewability is a real pain in the ass, and a pain in the ass for multiple reasons. Sometimes it was about the high CPM - 12c CPM is no »

How to write a basic viewability tracker

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Although viewability is not always a guarantee for success, it's a hot topic in the land of online marketing. We do not only track viewability in our display campaigns to optimise the exposure time of our campaigns, but we also use viewability to see how visitors are using our client's website and apply personalisation based on that data. Also, the »

Viewability: No Guarantee for Success

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Viewability is a hot topic in the advertising industry. Both advertisers and publishers have their eyes on this matter and not a week goes by without someone writing about it. Although viewability is fundamental for further growth of the display ecosystem, it is far from being the holy grail. Like a click on a banner, viewability is just a raw »