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A story about Superweek 2020

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Last week I attended my first Superweek in Hungary. A five day conference including a lot of amazing talks, great people, beautiful surroundings and a girl from the Netherlands having a blast! I can’t summarise the entire event in this single blog post, however I will take you with me to check out a few talks that really made »

When creativity hurts data: a visualisation story

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Yesterday , I saw a graph in the Dutch newspaper 'De Telegraaf' that frustrated me. It shows data about damages caused by fireworks in Dutch cities. Sadly, they decided to visualize in a way that leaves room for interpretation. Three different interpretations to be precise. The graph Let’s start with the graph: The graph shows a top 5 of Dutch »

7 things I’ve learned by attending the 2015 Data Visualisation Summit in London

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This week, I attended the Data Visualisation Summit in London. This post contains my 7 key takeaways from the presentations I attended. For those of you looking for a quick snack, here’s the list: Don’t forget where your data comes from How web design is a form of data visualisation Automate routine (with Nightingale) There is no BI »