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Tunnelvision: you might be missing some interesting segments

Author image Tunnelvision: you might be missing some interesting segments

During World War II, researchers from the Center For Naval Analysis were conducting a study on fighter planes that had returned from their mission. Researchers found that the most damage was done to the wings, and recommended extra armor be added to them. It wasn’t until mathematician Abraham Wald pointed out a critical flaw in their research, that the »


Exploring Mobile: why you should question your mobile segments

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For a few years now, we’ve been segmenting our visitors based on the device they use to visit our site. This worked well for a while, splitting visitors based on screen dimensions and whether or not they are using a mouse. As mobile devices matured, our segments stayed the same: Desktop and Mobile. Even when our fridges and coffee »

Optimizing a conversational medium

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If you’re on a site called The Marketing Technologist, chances are that you’ve ‘talked’ to a device or AI before. All the big tech players have some form of assistant; Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Home are all available already, and this year Samsung is set to launch Bixby, and even »

3 steps to remove all sensitive user data from Hotjar

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If you're not using Hotjar yet, you should be. While Google Analytics gives you a lot of quantitative data to interpret, Hotjar focusses on qualitative data, letting you know exactly what actions your visitors are taking on your site. We're talking heatmaps and screen recordings here. Screen recordings are especially useful as you can actually watch a user navigate through »

Improving Optimizely's Google Tag Manager integration

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Adding Optimizely data to Google Analytics has a few benefits. First of all, you can verify Optimizely's results in GA, which is always a good thing. By segmenting Optimizely-tested users in analytics, you also open up a world of extra reports, metrics and visualisations, that you won't find in Optimizely. You won't have to create goals for each funnelstep anymore, »

How to improve Visual Website Optimizer's Google Tag Manager integration

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If you're running Google Tag Manager on your site, and use Visual Website Optimizer for A/B Testing, you've probably noticed that VWO's standard GTM integration is slightly lacking. While the integration suggested by VWO does work, you're left with a lot of manual work, as you have to add or change tags for every new test. The issue The »