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Chatbots: moving towards a conversational interface

Author image Chatbots: moving towards a conversational interface

Recently, I had a Facebook live stream session about chatbots (Dutch). The focus was on 'How to build a chatbot', but I decided it was a good idea to briefly discuss the trend behind chatbots as well. If you're interested in this, read ahead. A brief history of interfaces Interfaces have come a long way. In a three-part series on »

The Marketing Technologist in 2016: the data

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In 2016, we celebrated our two years anniversary. In the past year, besides all the great posts on analytics, data science, and code, we've again published tons of good content about a variety of subjects, like artificial intelligence and a Slack integration for Pokemon GO. If you wondering where we come from, check out our first post where we talk »

A lean approach to better recruitment insights

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Our HR department has struggled with the insights of their marketing efforts. They know how many people apply for a job, but they don’t see the actual numbers of people that get invited for a first chat or even get the actual job. To give them the insights in Google Analytics, we’ve put our heads together and were »

About the Google Analytics client ID

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One of the core concepts of Google Analytics is the client ID. You can leverage its workings to get interesting insights, e.g. connecting offline revenue connected to online campaign sources. But it’s important to understand what it is. That’s what this post is for, to give you a better understanding of what it is by discussing three »

How to check a GA account in less than 10 minutes

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When you get access to a new Google Analytics account, you want to know if it’s setup correctly. In the long run, you’ll want to do a thorough analysis, but for a quick indication of the status, you can look at 4 key features. This post focusses on checking existing Google Analytics accounts. The same features are important »

Stop blaming tech for Trump

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Last night, I was browsing TechCrunch for interesting reads on tech. I noticed something. Tech doesn't seem to be happy with Trump. There's an article about the influence social media had on the way we gauged Trump's chances of beating Hillary. Heck, there's even a post about Facebook admitting they need to address the spread of false information. Remember how »