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Three solutions to track AdWords conversion on Safari 11

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Since the release of Apple's Safari 11 update, there has been a lot going on about measuring Google AdWords conversions. With the release, Apple introduced "Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)". What is Intelligent Tracking Prevention? In short, ITP classifies trackers that are able to track users cross-site. After this classification, a cookie can only be used for 24 hours »

Pause your Adwords campaigns automatically when a site is down with an Adwords script

When working in the field of SEA, one of your main goals is to get people to click on your ads. But what if the website is down, or not working properly because of a technical issue? That's a waste of that CPC, right? At Greenhouse Group we monitor all our clients' websites with uptime monitoring tools, like Uptime Robot »

A moving object in your campaign? Update Adwords accordingly every hour.

We are running a campaign for one of our clients that is about a fluffy heart with GPS hardware that is travelling through the country. It looks something like this: We'll get deeper into this campaign in another post on The Marketing Technologist, but for now it's enough to know that for every kilometre the heart travels our client will »