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GHG Labs: "The web loyalty system is ready to bring change to digital marketing"

As some of you might remember, two months ago we introduced you to the first worldwide web loyalty system, which was created to deal with the users’ rejection of digitals ads that are seen by them as irrelevant. In the meantime, we named it Ad-Wallet and managed to finalize our prototype. What was left to do One of the aspects »

Shopping in the future: a virtual reality experience

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Virtual reality still seems something out of the ordinary for many people. Some definitely think it belongs to the science fiction world, while others think it is very close to becoming realistic and I fall into the latter category. However, even the most sceptical ones should probably consider changing their minds as several companies became increasingly more interested in this »

A GHG Labs concept: The first worldwide web loyalty system

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AdBlock. The very word sends chills down the spine of the whole digital advertising world. Yet for many consumers, it's the hero they desperately need. To them, obtrusive digital ads have become a constant annoyance during their regular online activities. Although several ads are actually helpful or entertaining, there are just as many that are too long to watch, too »

Virtual reality: connecting Unity to the CAVE

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Imagine being given the opportunity to experience a life-like virtual environment together with your peers just by using technology. Imagine seeing things you have not pictured possible, like visiting an alien planet, exploring the deepest parts of the ocean or even using it for teaching young children. As the technology for virtual and augmented reality is increasing and maturing over »

3D print marketing and best practices

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3D printing is the process in which a 3D object is created from a digital file. This is also known as an additive process. In this process, an object is manufactured by laying down successive layers of material until an object is created. Since 3D printing started booming in 2012, it became clear that it would not be long before »