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Can AR reach Generation Z where normal advertising can't?

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With an average attention span of 12 seconds amongst Generation Y and a staggering 8 seconds amongst Generation Z, companies are continuously challenged in their storytelling on social media. It has to be short but captivating, quick but meaningful. Can augmented reality come to the rescue? »

The Rise & All of Social AR

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In the new age of AR, they way we connect with consumers is changing. We’re looking through our screens instead of looking at our screens. Physical interactions and custom experiences are great ways to implement storytelling and immerse people in new surroundings. During the Facebook F8 summit, Mark Zuckerberg presented a lot of exciting AR news for creatives and »

Jumping the highly promising AR train!

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You might have heard of it. You might have used it. But did you know that Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the biggest hypes in technology right now? As a matter of fact, experts say it is following the same pattern of adoption as the internet back in the day. The exponential growth of AR has not gone unnoticed »

The Facebook Pixel: from true love to Trojan horse?

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Last week Facebook informed their advertisers about an enhancement to the Facebook pixel. According to the Social Media giant they will start to ‘send additional event data, including button clicks and related page metadata’ in order to ‘improve ads delivery and reporting’. It is obvious that this is yet another approach of Facebook to enlarge, their already massive, database of »

Are we willing to embrace chatbots?

One of those technologies explored revolves around chatbots. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence system that is able to manage a natural conversation with a user, and that has a sound knowledge base to interact with that user. More than a fad, Silicon Valley giants are investing heavily in AI software fueling chatbots and 2 in 3 millennials have interacted »