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Every tag manager setup needs a general blocking rule

Author image Every tag manager setup needs a general blocking rule

A tag manager allows you to disconnect your marketing tags from your website. It puts the control of these tags in the hands of the people who use them: marketers. It also disconnects all the tags from your developers. This is good for flexibility, but not quite as good for developers as they lose control of the scripts that run »

What is a tag manager?

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We’ve been working with tag managers for about three years now, but we still notice some unclarity about what a tag manager is amongst both colleagues and clients alike. Let’s clarify things. What are tags? First things first: what does tag in tag manager stand for? Tags are generally code snippets that you’ll want to place on »

Other tag managers on the block: Qubit Opentag

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At Greenhouse Group, we’ve been working with tag manager for over 3.5 years now. Over the last part of that period, a lot of articles popped up about Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google’s solution to tag management. It’s a great option, but there are some other vendors out there that also offer great tag management systems »

Improving Optimizely's Google Tag Manager integration

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Adding Optimizely data to Google Analytics has a few benefits. First of all, you can verify Optimizely's results in GA, which is always a good thing. By segmenting Optimizely-tested users in analytics, you also open up a world of extra reports, metrics and visualisations, that you won't find in Optimizely. You won't have to create goals for each funnelstep anymore, »

Collecting form abandonment data with Formagical and Google Analytics

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In April this year, Siebe wrote about his form analysis script Formagical.JS. I recommend you to read this post to get familiar with the basics of Formagical. We’ve had the first version of the script running for one of our clients since April. During this period, Siebe and I updated the tool and implementation to make insights easier »

The CEDDL: a data layer standard that never was?

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About a month ago, my friend and colleague Siebe introduced me to a document called the Customer Experience Digital Data Layer standard, or CEDDL for short. It’s a standard for data layers that describes how onsite data can be structured in a JavaScript object. It was created at the end of 2013 as a uniform way to define a »