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Stop blaming tech for Trump

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Last night, I was browsing TechCrunch for interesting reads on tech. I noticed something. Tech doesn't seem to be happy with Trump. There's an article about the influence social media had on the way we gauged Trump's chances of beating Hillary. Heck, there's even a post about Facebook admitting they need to address the spread of false information. Remember how » vs (or is it Google vs Facebook?)

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Yesterday’s big news in the world of chatbots was Google acquiring, a company which allows developers to integrate natural language processing and understanding into their applications. Think of it like talking to someone, but instead, that someone is now your phone, and it actually understands what you’re saying. Services like and are »

Is Apple mocking Google's Alphabet announcement?

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This post is not about code, analytics or data. It's about tech. And something I've noticed after Apple's September 9 event. On August 10, Google announced an organizational restructuring. They announced Alphabet. On September 9, Apple announced, amongst other devices, the iPad Pro. Today, nobody is talking about Apple (possibly) mocking Google’s announcement. Google’s announcement surprised a lot »