This post is not about code, analytics or data. It’s about tech. And something I’ve noticed after Apple’s September 9 event.

On August 10, Google announced an organizational restructuring. They announced Alphabet. On September 9, Apple announced, amongst other devices, the iPad Pro. Today, nobody is talking about Apple (possibly) mocking Google’s announcement.

Google’s announcement surprised a lot of us. Speculated reasons for the change were ranging from financial benefits, to shifting innovation priorities. The latter one probably is the main reason (more on that on

After the announcement, there were quite some posts about Microsoft mocking Alphabet, with redirecting to the Bing landing page. Strangely no one either noticed Apple’s joke last week, or this one is just really farfetched. Anyway, here it goes:

Apple mocking Alphabet###

Apple announced the iPad Pro. They’ve added an optional Smart Keyboard. Here’s what the keyboard page reads:

The only thing we didn’t reinvent was the alphabet.

Or as shown on the Apple website:

Apple's Smart Keyboard page mocking Google's Alphabet announcment?
Screenshot from 17 sept 2015 – iPad Pro Smart Keyboard page

So what do you think: is this just Apple being Apple? Or is it a subtle way of mocking Google?

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