In May 2015, we started this blog as Blue Mango Geek. Our belief? When you’re writing a coworker an email longer than one paragraph, you should consider blogging about it. Share it with the rest of the company and the whole world! We decided to write about the things we discover or learned throughout the day working for a digital media agency – stories, both big and small.

After a few months, we decided that we no longer want to be a platform just for the people in our company, but for everyone who is interested in all things marketing technology. So we changed our name to The Marketing Technologist and let people from outside our company write on our platform.

We started only nine months ago, but we’ve already published over 60 articles. We wrote a lot about web technology and analytics, but also about smart clothing, ad blocking, sequential messaging and a mobile device lab. All our articles are written by data scientists, designers, developers and web analysts, and are read by hundreds of people every day. If you’re one of our frequent readers: thank you for your time! If you have any suggestions for future posts, let us know!

We are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and I’m looking forward to a new year filled with awesome posts about marketing technology. If you’d like to participate in any way, please let us know. You can connect with us using Twitter or Facebook.

These are the most read articles of The Marketing Technologist in 2015:

Most read in Analytics

  1. Simplify iFrame tracking for Universal Analytics
  2. Bring on- and offline together with iBeacons and Google Analytics
  3. Migrating to Google Tag Manager without changing hard coded _gaq.push() events

Most read a in Code

  1. Caching $http requests in AngularJS
  2. Angular 2: Where have my factories, services, constants and values gone?
  3. 5 reasons why you need a JavaScript style guide

Most read in Data Science

  1. Optimizing media spends using S-response curves
  2. Slashception with regexp_extract in Hive
  3. Calculating ad stocks in a fast and readable way in Python

Most read authors

  1. Siebe Hiemstra – Marketing Engineer
  2. Erik Driessen – Web Analyst
  3. Thom Hopmans – Data Scientist

Happy new year!

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