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Creating a lightweight game using PixiJs - part 1

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We live in a world in which advertisement is more annoying than ever. How can we break the media blindness most users have? At Greenhouse Group, we believe interaction is the key to involve users with your brand. Last year, we created the Ditzo Pechman game in collaboration with Mr Ynk. This year however, we've build the game ourselves. This »

Can AR reach Generation Z where normal advertising can't?

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With an average attention span of 12 seconds amongst Generation Y and a staggering 8 seconds amongst Generation Z, companies are continuously challenged in their storytelling on social media. It has to be short but captivating, quick but meaningful. Can augmented reality come to the rescue? »

Working with Creative Macros in AppNexus hosted creatives

As a creative developer, one of the best features of AppNexus is their huge number of creative macros. We use those macros for quite some purposes, like reading query string parameters, reading user context information like state and device type and to do some advanced click tag magic. Their creative macros look something like this: ${MACRO_NAME}, and as a »

Your banner might be even more effective than you think

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The last couple of years, marketeers have optimized their banners mostly on click and everything that comes after that (visits, conversions, etc.). We all did a lot of A/B testing to find the best creative. This resulted in a very sales focused design language: vociferous, commercial banners that beg for a click. Let's say one in a thousand people »