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Optimizing banner ads by tracking banner interaction

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In general banner optimization is focused on, for example, A/B testing a creative and tracking impressions, clicks and onsite (micro) conversions. But once a banner visitor enters the website and continues his path through the funnel, each step makes it more difficult to link an action completely to the initial banner he clicked on. And while there are many »

How one simple text link boosted revenue and won a WhichTestWon Award

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Last Thursday was the fifth annual WhichTestWon Email Awards Ceremony. Thanks to their annual award shows, but also recurring site-items such as 'Test Of The Week', 'Behind The Scenes' and 'The Live Event', American company WhichTestWon is an authority in the field of Conversion Rate Optimization. This year, the Netherlands won 2 out of 3 awards, which were coincidentally both »

Improving Optimizely's Google Tag Manager integration

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Adding Optimizely data to Google Analytics has a few benefits. First of all, you can verify Optimizely's results in GA, which is always a good thing. By segmenting Optimizely-tested users in analytics, you also open up a world of extra reports, metrics and visualisations, that you won't find in Optimizely. You won't have to create goals for each funnelstep anymore, »

How to improve Visual Website Optimizer's Google Tag Manager integration

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If you're running Google Tag Manager on your site, and use Visual Website Optimizer for A/B Testing, you've probably noticed that VWO's standard GTM integration is slightly lacking. While the integration suggested by VWO does work, you're left with a lot of manual work, as you have to add or change tags for every new test. The issue The »

Getting started with Sequential Messaging: the 4 main stages

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Not all the visitors coming to your website are ready to convert. Each user will pass through a process before they have the intention to purchase a certain product or service. At Blue Mango we call such process "the customer journey". The journey is unique for every user and consumer. It can be more or less complex depending »