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Get more out of Facebook Messenger

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Answering questions and interacting with people on a Facebook business page was already possible. Now there are options which make this a lot easier, like automatic replies and the Messenger code and username. Do you already make use of these possibilities? How to set up automatic replies in Facebook Messenger You want people to get a reply asap, but you »

Facebook's advertising tips: First look

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On June 28th Facebook hosted one of her Agency Academies in Amsterdam. During these academies, Dutch Facebook agencies are invited and updated about the latest developments on the platform. One of the announcements on that day was that Facebook would now assist you in your advertising campaigns by giving you tips on your performance and would suggest edits to improve »

Recently used targeting in Facebook's Power Editor

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Facebook optimizes and makes little changes to its platform every day. The apps get a new update every single week and all of the Facebook platforms' developments can sometimes make your head spin. All of these changes (big or small) can sometimes easily be left unnoticed until you happen to stumble upon them by accident. Like the new targeting suggestions »

Making the most of Facebook's video potential

New social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Pinterest are on the rise, making marketeers wonder if Facebook still deserves its spot in their marketing mix. If you are one of them, rest assured that the power of Facebook is still quite unrivalled. Sure, Facebook is no longer the 'cool kid on the block', and many youngsters have moved on »

How close is Facebook to becoming The Circle?

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Sometimes the future is coming at you at a faster rate than you expect it to come. This post is about exactly that feeling. I never thought the ideas I read in The Circle would become a thing in the actual world as quickly as they did. Let me start with a synopsis of the book. The Circle Story The »