They have been announced by Facebook a while ago but have now finally been rolled out to EMEA markets as well: the new Facebook Video Insights. Big deal right? Actually, yes! Why? Because we can finally get more elaborate insights into the performance of our Facebook video content!

Below you can find a screenshot of what the metrics used to look like:

Old metrics

And another one of the new metrics that became available for a couple of our brands to me today:

New metrics

As you can see a lot of new options and metrics have been added to the video insights dashboard compared to the previous situation. Besides the added metrics there’s also the option to click on these metrics to get an even more in-depth analysis of the metrics mentioned in the screenshot above. Most make a distinction between organic & paid, but when we click on the ‘video views’ metric, even more interesting metrics appear!

What I’m referring to, obviously, is the ‘sound on – sound off’ metric. This is crucial information! When I look at this video for example, I can see that more than 92% (!) of my video views happened with the sound off. For this particular video, this isn’t a big deal because the content of the video contains a lot of text in the screen, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the video has to be watched with the sound on. When posting a commercial or another video with a lot of dialogue however, this makes it evident that effort on adding subtitles to the video would be well spent.

In my experience, video’s with subtitles have a longer and more qualitative viewing time. Last year for example, we created a series of video’s for one of our clients around New Years that had no sound at all. We didn’t receive a single comment about it. Nobody missed the sound in our video’s!

Another interesting metric is ‘average % completion’:

You can dive deeper into all the metrics by using options in the drop down menu as you can see on the screenshot above.

Are you as excited about these new metrics as I am? Where do you see the most added value? Please share in the comments :)!

P.s. You can find the official Facebook update here.

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