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Your banner might be even more effective than you think

Author image Your banner might be even more effective than you think

The last couple of years, marketeers have optimized their banners mostly on click and everything that comes after that (visits, conversions, etc.). We all did a lot of A/B testing to find the best creative. This resulted in a very sales focused design language: vociferous, commercial banners that beg for a click. Let's say one in a thousand people »

No click? Still results!

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What's the true value of an online ad impression? It's an ongoing discussion which continues to pop up. Everyone agrees the last click model undervalues campaigns that fulfill an important role in the start of the buying cycle. Not every ad has to lead to a sale instantly. Most other common conversion attribution models only observe what happens after a »

All I want for Christmas is MRAID!

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"Why does my ad work on the web but not in-app?". The likely answer: MRAID. The same ads that work on websites do not work in an app. I've been asked what's up with this by both advertisers and publishers. The only question I ask them in return most of the time is whether they're serving a MRAID tag or »

Research: Mobile advertising increases both online and offline sales

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Finally, there’s proof for what we’ve known all along: mobile advertising has a positive effect on sales through other channels, such as other devices or an offline shop. Finally, because anno 2016, mobile advertising is still struggling to claim its rightful place in the marketing world. Sure, budgets for mobile ads are on the rise, but if we »

Instagram: get more out of your carousel ads with this simple trick [case]

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October 1st last year was a day for celebration for Facebook. After trial runs in a couple of countries, Instagram finally became a medium for advertisements. In the Netherlands, Hellman's (a Unilever brand) was the first one to use it. Another Instagram advertising pioneer was Heineken. Although there was some negativity about the user experience of Instagram ads in the »

Five insights on display campaigns from Facebook’s Atlas

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When Facebook acquired adserver Atlas from Microsoft in 2013, I was a bit surprised. Now I see it was a brilliant move. By connecting to Facebook's userbase, Atlas gives a lot of interesting insights in display campaigns. Although Facebook had to change quite a lot to accomplish this result. Here are the most interesting insights from Facebook Atlas: 1. Unique »