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Using utm_nooverride in Universal Analytics

Author image Using utm_nooverride in Universal Analytics

Since the upgrade from classic analytics to universal analytics there is one functionality that's been missing; the option to not override the previous source in Google Analytics. For most of the traffic this is ok, but when looking at service emails like password resets, you don't want them to steal conversions away from the original sources. With the utm_nooverride »

Recap: Google Analytics User Conference - GAUC 2016

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Last week, I attended the Conference day of the seventh official Google Analytics User Conference in Amsterdam in search of new Google Analytics tips and tricks. More information about the Program of GAUC 2016 can be found here: So, what are the key takeaways of the master classes this year? 1: From offline to online »

Our first insights in the ad-blocking consumer

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The use of ad-blockers is growing fast, as consumers are getting tired of irrelevant and annoying advertisements. According to Adobe and PageFair, 181 million online consumers use an ad-blocker and 41,4 billion dollars of income is being missed out by online publishers due to the use of ad-blockers. As these numbers are general, it is interesting to investigate if »